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Everest Specials

The specials reflect the individuality of our chef who has developed these meals to let you sample some truly authentic Nepalese cuisine. 

Why not try our fantastic Chana Chot Potia followed by the spicy Chicken Bhutuwa for a really genuine meal or if not Nepalese dumplings (Momo) with Himali Lamb as a main course.

For those with a larger appetite, the Khasi Tang (Lamb Shank slow cooked) is a real treat!

All meals can of course be served with drinks from our licensed bar, including Cobra, Kingfisher and Gurkha beer.


House specialities

Breast chicken marinated with corn flour, yolk of egg, gram flour & roasted spices then stir fried with ginger garlic, capsicum & green chillies to produce a unique nepalese flavour.

Nepalese style minced lamb dumpling flavoured with medium spices, wrapped in pastry, steam cooked & served with typical Nepalese chutney. (Please allow 15 minutes)

Knuckles of spring lamb cooked for hours in a slow hot oven to create a distinctive taste, served with chickpeas & special sauce. (Not able to serve for takeaways, only for eating in.)

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